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Assistive Technology Definitions and Resources

WATI - Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative site

ISSAC - International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Julie Maro's and Caroline Musselwhite's AAC Intervention Products and Presentations

IntelliTools - Activity exchange, tutorials, and training

Linda Burkhart - Guidelines, tip sheets, and technology integration ideas for elementary and middle school

AAC - Vocabulary/messaging lists

YAACK - How to get started, etc.

Intro to AAC - Online training module.

Integrating AAC - "Ideas, Tips, and Tricks from A-Z and Everything in Between" for integrating AAC into your day.

Picture SET - Visual supports in Boardmaker and pdf files.

Speaking of Speech - Cooking, social skills, life skills and more materials made with Boardmaker.

Teacher Created Resources -  Thematic/literacy-based communication boards and adapted books/songs.

Burnaby Teachers - Farm animals, math, daily schedule, feelings, pets, jungle animals, field trip, and weather.

Cindy’s Autistic Support - Language arts and mini schedules.

Integrated Technology Services - Behavior, misc. activities, writing, and weather in BM and pdf.

Miami-Dade Public Schools - Activity-specific, behavioral, shared reading, schedules and more in BM.

Orange County - Following directions, shoebox activities, sequence strips, and games.

Grant Wood Area Education - Language activities.

Jefferson Parish Public Schools - BM stories, bingo, and more.

Oklahoma Assistive Technology Activity Exchange - Post and Share.

Free list serv with BM support and ideas for parents, teachers, and SLPs.

Mayer-Johnson and DynaVox Technology's Adapted Learning web resource

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