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 1. Read books that incorporate “I” in simple, repetitive phrases as in Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
 2. Make a book about your child. Have him/her complete, then retell, sentences like, “I am a boy/girl. I am __ years old. I have ____ hair. I have ____ eyes. I like to eat ____.”
 3. Describe pictures in a photo album (e.g. “It’s my birthday. I am blowing out my candles.”)
 4. Model functional phrases like “I want, I need, I got, I have, I can, I do, I see, I like…” during daily routines.
 5. Ask questions that require simple “I” responses like “Who wants ice cream?”
 6. Play “I Spy.”


 7. Provide visual cues that reinforce “I” use (e.g. the handsign for “I”, the letter “I”).

 8.  Read He Bear, She Bear.

 9.  Model self-talk during play with action figures, dolls, and puppets (e.g. "He is hungry.  He is going to eat").

10.  Make a collage of "he/she" action pictures cut from magazines.

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