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Computer-based learning

Online games and activities that facilitate speech and language development

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Kid's Place - Use parts of speech to create "Wacky Web Tales," guess word definitions in "Fake Out," solve word problems in "Brain Teasers," and play the "GeoNet" geography game.

ALFY - A variety of learning games and online stories.

FunBrain - Games and activities by age and subject.  Find "Grammar Gorillas
(parts of speech), "Word Confusion" (homonyms), "What's the Word?" (picture vocabulary), 2Bee or Nottoobee (verb conjugation), and "Paint by Idioms" in the language category.

Enchanted Learning - Thematic pages and printouts that include: dinosaurs, nursery rhymes, oceans, and rain forests.

Tracy Gefroh Boyd - Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, categorization, grammar, WH questions, sentence meanings, and fact/opinion.  Check out Tracy's "useful links," including speech games for /r, s, z, ch, sh, k, g, th, l/, as well as the QUIA home page.

Speechtx - Articulation, language, and emergent literacy activities and ideas.

Robyn Wellman - Articulation and language ideas from an SLP graduate student.

Chateu Meddybemps - Still and interactive learning games include:  spatial concepts, animal riddles, and "Young Writer's Workshop" story starters.  Consult parent and teacher's guides for developing listening, reading, writing, social and thinking skills.

Voycabulary - Creates a link for every word on the web page/site of your choice to the dictionary of your choice.

Houghton-Mifflin's Game Goo - Earobics "Learning that Sticks."  Antonyms, synonyms, sentence word order, fact versus fantasy, 3-step directions and more.

Kid Port - "...designed around a coherent learning system based on cognitive science and the way people think and learn."  K - 8 math, science, social studies, and language arts games.  Includes a great reference library for kids.  Some pages under construction...

Gamequarium - Diana Dell's teacher created site.  Links for Pre-K - 6 language arts, math, science and social studies games and educational sites.  A USA Today "Best Bet."

Primary Games - Language arts, social studies, and science games and curriculum guide.

Kid Info -  A student, teacher, and parent "reference resource" of grammar and vocabulary guides, activities, and quizzes.

BBC Words and Pictures - Interactive games for vowel sounds, CVC words, and blends.  Printable /s/ and /l/ cluster worksheets at the word and text level.  British accents...

FunSchool - Pre-K through 6th grade games, activities, and printables.  Animal habitat, rhyming words, and food group activities.  "Cliffhanger" hangman, solar system, and "Dementia 13" trivia games.

PBS Kids - Stories, games and songs "designed to support people teaching children and adults to read."  Research-based articles, resources and links addressing language development, emergent literacy, phonological awareness, vocabulary etc.  Games include "Flood" - sort books by category, "Pounce" - click on the word that is said, "Word Play" - see and hear graphic and auditory representations of words like melt, erase, and pop, and "Lionel's Talking Gizmo" - change sentence parts.

Lonn Swanson - Articulation and phonology activities, with links to her "GrammarCrackers" site for adjectives, conjunctions, irregular nouns and verbs, plurals, possessives... and "WorldOWords" site for analogies, associations, antonyms, synonyms, concepts, categories...

ESL Games - Downloadable, printable games and gameboard template.

Word Game Boards - Printed and blank gameboard templates and cards reinforcing seasons, holidays, and curriculum.

Internet4Classrooms - Listening and following directions, discrimination, letter/sound recognition, rhyming, and concept games.

Teacher Vision - Language arts games for primary through secondary students.

esl-lounge  - Template and formatted games.

Cardboard Cognition - Hundreds of card and boardgames designed by students with instructional objectives, game materials, and rules.

English Online - English language games you can play online.

Mrs. McGowan - Sentence order games at the "Lots of Scrambles" link.

Nina Loves to Name Things - Narrated classification game.

Literacy Center - Colorful and narrated Flash Player games for upper and lowercase letters, shapes, writing, words, numbers, and colors.

Dr. Jones' Parade of Games - Easy to assemble education Power Point games, "Games to Teach By" article, and decision matrix.

Perkilou - Freebie and well-priced speech therapy games and books by Dina Peters.

Playkidsgames - Free online games for PreK through middle school for math, logic, memory, vocabulary and more.

Primary Games - Language arts, math, social studies and science games.

Fisher Price - Infant, toddler, and preschool leveled games and activities.

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