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 Fall is Here, Moncure

 Autumn, Allington or Patience

 Now It’s Fall, Lenski

 Now That Days Are Colder, Fisher

 All for Fall, Kessler

 Ska-Tat, Knutson

 Apples and Pumpkins

 The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree

 The North Wind

 The Apple Tree, Dodd

 How Do You Know It’s Fall, 508 Fow

 My Apple, 641.3 Dav


 Max Plays in the Snow, Lapham

 I Like Winter, Lenski

 Winter is Here, Moncure

 Boot Weather, Vigna

 Fun in the Snow, Daman

 Winter, Allington, Hirshi, or Patience

 Snow, McKie

 Snow Joe, Greene

 Ice is...Whee!, Greene

 The Snowy Day, Keats

 The First Snowfall, Rockwell

 A Winter Day, Florian

 The Big Snow, Hader

 The Mitten,
 White Snow, Bright Snow,
 Runaway Mittens, Rogers
 Oh Lewis, Rice
 Froggy Gets Dressed, London
 Snowman For Sale, Pape
 Hot and Cold, Chase



 Come to the Meadow, Hines

 Wake Up Small Bear, Holl

 Umbrella Parade, Feczka

 Mud, Lewison

 Mud, Ray

 A Rainbow of My Own, Freeman

 The Bunny Who Knew All About Plants, Moncure

 Rain, Rain, Rivers, Shulevitz

 On My Way to Grandpa’s, Schweninger

 My Spring Robin, Rockwell

 The Rain Puddle


 The Piggy in the Puddle

 The Mud Puddle, Munsch


 Clifford’s Halloween, Bridwell

 Joey the Jack O’ Lantern, Craig

 Halloween Party, Feczka

 Halloween, Nerlove

 Everyone Goes as a Pumpkin, Vigna

 Pumpkin Moonshine, Tudor

 A Halloween Mask for Monster, Mueller

 Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Titherington

 Who Goes Out on Halloween?, Alexandar

 Word Bird’s Halloween Words, Moncure

 One Dark Night, Preston

 I Can Make Costumes, Wallace 646.4

 Make Your Own Costumes and Disguises, Conaway 646.4

 The Little Witch’s Black Magic Book of Disguises, Glovach

 Easy to Make Costumes, Gates 391

 Martin’s Hats, Blos

 Word Bird’s Hats, Moncure

 Knock!Knock! Who’s There?, Grindley

 Let’s Pretend, Greydanus

 Pretend You’re a Cat, Marzollo

 Where’s Michael?, Hallinan


 Bah Humbug, Balian

 Hurry Up Christmas, Graves

 Max’s Christmas, Wells

 Marmalade’s Christmas Present, Wheeler

 Merry Christmas, Dear Dragon, Hillert

 Little Christmas Elf, Curran

 Santa’s New Sled, Peters

 Word Bird’s Christmas Words, Moncure

 Claude the Dog, Gackebach

 In the Toy Store,

 Kipper’s Toybox,

 Are You There, Bear?,

 Where’s My Monkey?,

 Body Parts/Clothes

 Here Are My Hands, Martin

 Dancing Feet, AGell

 My Hands, My Feet, etc., Aliki

 Arthur’s Nose, Brown

 Faces, Brenner

 Feet, Parnall

 Me and My Body

 My Hands Can, Holzenthaler

 Tail, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Burton

 Whose Nose Is This?, VanGelder

 What Are Faces For? Winder  Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, Perkins

 On the Town, Maestro

Silly Willy, Cocca-Leffler

 I Can Dress Myself, Watnabe

 Max’s Dragon Shirt, Wells

 The Best Dressed Bear, Blocksma

 Shoes, Winthrop


 Farm, Pienkowski

The Big Sneeze, Brown

Old MacDonald’s Farm, Murdock

 Hurray for Patsy’s Oink, Wiseman

 Is Anyone Home?, Maris

 Guess What?, Bester

 Who Took the Farmer’s Hat?, Nodset

 Rosie’s Walk, Hutchins

 Buzz Said the Bee, Lewison

 Ask Mr. Bear

 Goat’s Trail, Wildsmith

 Wake Up, Wake Up  Oh, What a Noisy Farm

When the Rooster Crowed

 Fiddle-i-Fee, Galdone 398 or Sweet 398.8

 Toot, Toot, Wildsmith 513

Farm Counting, Miller 513

 On the Farm Arts and Crafts, 372.5

 Where is My Baby?

 Oh Dear!

 LouellaMae, She’s Run Away!

 Hattie and the Fox

 Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails

 Big Ones, Little Ones, Hoban

 A Pinky is a Baby Mouse, Ryan


 The Trek, Jonas

 Watch Where You Go, Noll

 Crocodile Beat, Jorgensen

 Stand Back Said the Elephant, Thomas

 The Monkey and the Crocodile, Galdone 398.2

 The Turtle and the Monkey, "     "

 Elephant in the Jungle, Cartlidge

 Who is the Beast?, Baker

 Head in the Sand, Cole


 Sleepy Bear, Dabcovich

 Cully, Cully and the Bear, Gage

 Blueberries for Sal, McClosky

 Where is the Bear, Nims

 Hiro’s Pillow, Ishinabe

 The Biggest Bear, Ward

 Deep in the Forest, Turkle

 Spence and the Mean Old Bear, Chevalier

 The Bear’s Bicycle, McPhail

 Beas 4 Bears, Weston

 Bears, Bears Everywhere, Milos

 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Oxenbury

 It’s the Bear!, Alborough

 Every Autumn Comes the Bear, Arnosky

 Time to Sleep, Fleming

 Wake Up Bear,

 Bears 599.74

 Amazing Bears, Greenway 599.74

 Your Pet Bear,

 How Do Bears Sleep?, Bird 599.74


 Dinosaur Days, Milton

 Dinosaur Time, Parish

 Little Dinosaur, Reese

 If the Dinosaurs Came Back, Most

 Danny and the Dinosaur, Hoff

 The Dinosaur Counting Book, Kingdon

 The Egg, Logan

 If a Dinosaur Came to Dinner, Moncure

 Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Barton

 Dinosaur Chase, Otto

 Dinosaur Roar, Stickland


 The Fish Book, Martin

 Bill and the Fish, Seymour

 Tammy and the Gigantic Fish, Gray

 Ocean Fish School, Seymour

 A Patchwork Fish Tale, Moskowitz

 Blue Sea,

 Splish, Splash,

 What’s Under the Ocean, 574.93 Cra

 Fishy Facts, 597 Che

 Fish Faces, 597 Wu

 What is a Fish?, 597 Eas


 I Can Ride It, Watnabe

 Little Plane, Little Boat, etc., Gray

 Freight Train, Crews

 Boats, Cars, etc., Rockwell

 Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car, Burningham

 Who Sank the Boat?, Allen

 City Sounds, Brown

 Wheel Away, Dodds

 Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, Burningham

 Hey!Get Off Our Train!, Burningham

 Red Light, Green Light, Brown

 Round Trip, Jonas

 Traffic, Maestro

 Flying, Gibbons

 Stop! Go! Word Bird, Moncure

 Night Ride,

 The Big Red Bus, Hindley


 The Apple Book, Martin

 Growing Vegetable Soup, Ehlert

 Blue Bug’s Vegetable Garden, Poulet

From Seed to Pear, Mitgutsh

 The Fruit Book, Overbeck

 Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present, Sendak

 The Turnip,

 The Carrot Seed,

 A Book of Fruit,


 A House of Leaves, Soya

 Blue Bug and the Bullies, Poulet

 If at First You Do Not See, Brown

 The Very Busy Spider, Carle

 Itsy Bitsy Spider, Trapani

 In the Tall, Tall Grass, Fleming

 Look...a Butterfly, 595.78 Cut

 Outside My Window, 595 Rap

 We Like Bugs, 595.7 Con

 What is an Insect?,

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