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Autism Definitions and Resources

Autism Society of America

Autism-PDD Resources Network

Tony Attwood's " for parents, professionals, people with Asperger's Syndrome, and their partners."

The Gray Center - "Dedicated to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and those who work alongside them..."

Do2Learn - "...activities to promote independence..."  Free downloadable/printable pictures for visual communication systems.

BBB Autism Online Support Network "Help for Parents."

IEP database.

TinSnips Make and Take - Teaching tools, techniques, worksheets, and activities for students with autism spectrum disorders.

Cindy's Autistic Support - Lots of links!

Autism Games - Tahirih Bushley's "...resource for family and friends of young children with ASD..."  Games, activities, video clips, parent tips, and learning objectives.

Autism Speaks - Science and Advocacy Organization

Autism Research Institute

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